IV International Conference Railway Engineering: Prospects, Technologies, Priorities

The Forth International Conference ‘Railway Engineering. Prospects, Technologies, Priorities’ will take place on 7-8 September 2011 in Moscow suburbs in Shcherbinka, within the testing track of the Railway Transport Research Institute (VNIIZHT).

As part of the International Railway Salon EXPO 1520, the Conference will dwell on all key aspects of railway manufacturing within the wide gauge, including those of how to improve data sharing among manufactures and operators, encourage lean production and stronger energy efficiency, promote high-speed railway and a great deal of other issues.

A platform for genuine communication, the Conference is to inspire a dialogue between major stakeholders, including railway manufactures and customers, help boost private investments in all crucial infrastructural projects, and raise competitive edge and international image of Russian manufactures.

The Conference will see participation of leaders of key public institutions, including Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade, railway manufacturing enterprises, representatives of the Russian Federal Assembly, associations, banks, insurance and lease companies, as well as leaders and experts of railway administrations of the CIS countries.

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