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About the Expo

The 4th International Rail Salon of Engineering and Technologies “EXPO 1520” will be held in the city of Shcherbinka (Moscow) on the territory of the Experimental Ring of JSC Russian Railway Research Institute (VNIIZhT) in the period from 11–14 September 2013.
“EXPO 1520” is a specialised international salon of the latest advances in matters of equipment, technology, infrastructure, services and logistics in the railway industry. It is the only international rail salon on the “1520 space”.
The event is held to present the latest locomotives, train cars, special railway machinery and technological equipment produced by Russian and foreign railway engineering enterprises. The key customers for these products are the leaders of the national railway companies of the CIS, Europe and Central Asia as well as operator and leasing companies, freight owners and carriers.


  • To build up an international ground for demonstration of brand-new locomotives, rail cars, special techniques and technical equipment to major customers – heads of railway administrations of countries of “1520 Area”, operator and leasing companies. Thus facilitating the customer’s choice of the best rolling stock and all necessary equipment.
  • To create a favorable businesslike atmosphere for signing partnership, rolling stock supply and other agreements between manufacturers and consumers.
  • To hold an international business conference within the framework of EXPO 1520 covering up-to-date requirements to products of machine building, rolling stock refurbishment, innovation and investment activity aspects with an opportunity of practical demonstration of the industry achievements.


  • The major specialized event in the railway industry of CIS and East European countries
  • Demonstration of railway equipment on the railway track
  • The best opportunity to make your success and experience accessible on the Russian market of railway equipment and services
  • Senior level decision-makers will take part in the EXPO 1520 Conference
  • An opportunity to sign contracts without special meetings with clients
  • An opportunity to demonstrate your equipment to the heads of railways of CIS and East European counties, major private railway and leasing companies
  • Occupational structure of visitors
  • A hard-driving business and evening program


  • Manufacturing of rolling stock and special equipment
  • Rolling stock manufacturing, repair and maintenance
  • Rail containers - manufacturing, repair, sale
  • Loading and unloading works on railway
  • Subassemblies and components
  • Safety and control systems on trains
  • Signalling devices
  • Communication, automatization and data processing systems
  • Electrification and trolley wire equipment
  • Station and passenger information service equipment
  • Railway stations and terminals (construction, technical maintenance, modernization)
  • Investment projects
  • Scientific Research and Design Institutes
  • And other …


  • The demonstration site is a rail track
  • Experimental Rail Ring – demonstration of the equipment in operation
  • Timing of the Salon goes in line with market business activity beginning
  • Highly topical business program of the Salon consists of the conference for specialists, roundtable discussions and presentations
  • Participants of the business program are leaders of the industry
  • Promotion and advertising campaign guarantee the target audience of the EXPO 1520
  • Event edition – once in two years – is a good opportunity to refurbish the range of the equipment to be exhibited