30 августа 2017

6th International Railway Salon EXPO 1520 Opens in Shcherbinka

EXPO 1520 is a unique railway equipment and technology salon in the broad gage area and the only event in Europe that has strategic importance for the development of the Russian railway industry and improvement of international relations. The opening ceremony of the salon was attended by the President of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov, deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Alexander Morozov, general director of Transmashholding CJSC Kirill Lipa, and CEO of the Mobility department of Siemens AG Johann Eickholt.

During the opening ceremony the president of Russian Railways pointed out that even the early estimates allow to consider the 6th EXPO 1520 salon a success. He also expressed hope for extensive discussions of all changes that have taken place in the railway industry over two years and for impressive results of the event. Oleg Belozerov stated: “EXPO 1520 is organized once in 2 years. During thу 6th salon we have to find out the changes that took place in the industry since 2015 and to sum up everything we’ve bought and implemented during this time. We will certainly buy the equipment exhibited at EXPO 1520, and I believe it is the best advertisement for the salon”.

After the ceremony official guests looked at the static exhibits. At the stand of LocoTech LLC the general director of the company Yury Degtyaryov presented innovative developments of the company: a system for intellectual data analysts “Smart Locomotive” and a complex TPS management system “Digital Locomotive”, as well as the direct current electric train EP2D (developed by Transmashholding CJSC) that enables forming compact trains of 2-3 cars for railway sections with low passenger turnover, and direct current electric train EP2Tv with new interior design and possibility to add stairs, handrails, and even lifts. At the stand of Siemens Johann Eickholt, the CEO of the Mobility department of Siemens AG, presented a digital depot and an innovative system for rolling stock monitoring that shows transition from conventional maintenance to cutting-edge digital technologies. NPK OVK presented its semi-boxcar and increased loading capacity, as well as a platform car of joint type, and NPK Uralvagonzavod – a 20-5197 hopper car with a system of pneumatic de-loading of hatches.

The business agenda of the first day opened with a discussion on the topic of Cyber-protection, where the delegates explored the issues of digital railway, cloud technologies, functional informational safety, and regulatory base in the area of cyber-protection.

In the second half of the day the business part of the salon was continued with a plenary session under the topic “Digital Railway. The Image of the Future”. Its participants discussed intellectual data analysis, the Internet of things, and factors that facilitate the increase of rolling stock efficiency and reliability.  While speaking at the plenary session, Kirill Lipa, the general director of Transmashholding CJSC, mentioned the spread of information and integration of informational technologies into the transport industry for the creation of “smart railways”: “A smart railway is a story about uniting our best achievements in the field of movement of information and railway transportation in order to integrate the best, fastest, and cheapest solutions into railway”. Sergey Kobzev, senior vice-president and chief engineer of JSC RZD, in his speech pointed out the need to digitalize railways: “Above all, digitalization should create a comfortable environment both for our passengers and for our suppliers”. Denis Pak, the director of the automobile industry and railway machine building at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, told about robotized manufacturing: “It is an integral part of digital industry, from logistics to main technological operations”.

Besides the discussion and the plenary session, the first day of the salon featured a general meeting of members of non-commercial Association of Railway Equipment Manufacturers, where the winners of the Association’s 4th contest for the best engineering development were announced and awarded. The 1st Antique Railway Salon also started its work on August 30 and features a number of product presentations, as well as the signing of 12 international agreements. Sinara-Transportnye Mashiny JSC presented the TGM8KM shunter switcher with lowered hood for better visibility, advanced ergonomic parameters of the driver’s cabin, and modernized hydraulic drive. The Ural Locomotives plant presented the Lastochka-Premium electric train of ES2GP series – a high-speed electrical train of enhanced comfort class able to transport passengers at the distances up to 500 km without additional servicing. Lastochka-Premium is equipped with a new Russian-made microprocessor diagnostics and management system that allow to integrate a number of peripheral systems into the train. They control the brakes, climate, video information system, and opening/closing of the doors. About ten Russian and foreign companies presented their products during the first day.

The high point part of the day was a spectacular demonstration of old-timers, modern locomotives, and cutting-edge models of railway equipment at the territory of experimental ring of JSC VNIIZhT. The visitors had an opportunity to see over 30 exhibits of unique railway equipment reflecting the history of this transport in Russia in the last 120 years.  

Demonstrations at EXPO 1520 are scheduled twice a day from August 30 to September 02. See detailed timetable of demonstrations at expo1520.ru.

During its first day, the salon was visited by over 8,000 people. For the convenience of the visitors, the organizers arranged a free train transfer from Kursky Railway Station to Shcherbinka and back.

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«ЭКСПО 1520» - это уникальный железнодорожный салон техники и технологий на пространстве «широкой» колеи и единственный в Европе, который имеет стратегическое значение в развитии отрасли нашей страны и усилении международных отношений. Проходит раз в два года на территории Экспериментального кольца АО «ВНИИЖТ» (г.Москва, Щербинка). В 2015 году в мероприятии приняли участие более 700 предприятий из 29 государств. Участниками деловой программы стали свыше 2000 специалистов. Салон посетили более 25000 человек, в число которых вошли официальные делегации крупнейших стран мира, представители правительства и руководители профильных министерств как России так и мирового сообщества. На официальной церемонии было подписано не менее 17 стратегически важных соглашений, что выводит салон «ЭКСПО 1520» на новый высочайший уровень.

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