31 августа 2017

EXPO 1520 Salon Continues in Shcherbinka

The second day of the 6th International Railway Salon EXPO 1520 had a tight agenda.

The 2nd day of the salon opened with the Congress of International Transport and Machine-Building Associations. The participants analyzed the most important trends of scientific and technical development in the field of railway transportation and steps necessary to improve collaboration and partnership between railway machine building enterprises.


The first part of the day also featured the discussion “Supply and Demand in the Rolling Stock Market” where the delegates of EXPO 1520 discussed the issues of rolling stock balancing, state support, exports, and updating of rolling stock. While speaking at the discussion, deputy director of the automobile industry and railway machine building department Vsevolod Babushkin pointed out the tasks faced by the industry: “The railway industry is facing the task of consolidating the efforts of the manufacturers, modernizing facilities, and organizing the production of all car building components in Russia”.

In the afternoon, the round table “Robotic Technical Solutions for Railway Industry” was held. The discussion was focused on industrial robots in car building, optimization of industrial processes and sensory aspects, and development of the industrial technical robotic market. Oleg Frolov, the head of military industrial projects at Uralvagonzavod, dedicated his speech to integrator companies and implementation of robots into car assembly processes: “Uralvagonzavod is planning to modernize its car assembly production, that is to implement robotized assembly and welding complexes that will work with our vision of this technology”.

 One of the key events of the second day was the discussion “Innovations for the Railway Industry” that consisted of two parts: “International Practices” dedicated to the optimization of the infrastructure and rolling stock preventive servicing process, increase of railway capacity, and world practices of simulation modeling on the railway, and “Technologies and Services for the Railway Sector” where the participants discussed technologies that increase the service life of railway infrastructure, communications increasing the efficiency of business processes in the transport industry, and regulatory changes required for the innovations to be implemented faster. Svyatoslav Afanasiev, development director of PTK Group, commented the current situation in the industry: “The implementation of new technologies is the most challenging task today. In order to solve it, Russian Railways develop such partnership options as outsourcing that helps attract private investments into the industry”.

The discussion “Repair and Servicing” went on simultaneously. In the course of discussion the delegates looked into such issues as the improvement of new cars servicing, forming of a comprehensive service “Technical support – extraordinary – scheduled repair”, preservation of the rolling stock and the timing of its repair, and the use of high-tech materials and paints. Gennady Averyanov, director of Centrlack Association, presented recent developments in the painting and coating industry and stated: “Trends indicate that we have to develop painting and coating systems, produce innovative high-tech materials, and use them at industry-specific facilities more actively”.

The second day of the salon ended with a round table dedicated to the issues of environment and energy saving. The participants discussed the best available technologies that ensure environmental safety, reduction of acoustic impact from railway facilities, and organization of work to eliminate the damage to nature.

The business program of the second day of EXPO 1520 contained two demonstrations, the signing of a partnership roadmap between non-commercial Association of Railway Equipment Manufacturers, SWISSRAIL, and the Tunnel Association of Russia, as well as numerous presentations by Russian and foreign companies.

Demonstrations at EXPO 1520 are scheduled twice a day from August 30 to September 02. They are organized according to a unique script and include about 30 items of railway equipment that illustrate the history of the Russian railway transport in the last 120 years.

The Ambassador of Switzerland in Russia Yves Rossier, President of non-commercial Association of Railway Equipment Manufacturers Valentin Gapanovich, President of SWISSRAIL Peter Jenelten, and the head of the Executive Directorate of the Tunnel Association of Russia Vladimir Ivanchikov participated in the execution of the partnership roadmap. The document contains guidelines about necessary steps to improve scientific and technical collaboration between Russia and Switzerland in the area of development of underground construction technologies in the recent years. The purpose of the document is to create the best terms for professional collaboration between equipment manufacturers, specialists, and underground construction enterprises. Such collaboration includes the exchange of experience in design, construction, and use of special equipment in the framework of modern underground construction technologies in Russia and Switzerland.

On the second day of the salon PTK Group presented at EXPO 1520 the BCM 2000, a ballast cleaning machine, a unique Russian development that surpasses all international analogs. One of the exceptional features of this machine is its versatility: it may be operated as a single complex with maximum efficiency or as separate sections to solve local problems. The economic effect from the implementation of new technologies on the basis of a universal complex for the ballast section including BCM 2000 is 34% higher in comparison with traditional technologies, therefore its operation will allow the owner of the infrastructure to considerably reduce rail repair and maintenance costs.

A round table dedicated to approaches to the implementation of digital solutions for the needs of Russian and European railway transport took place at Siemens stand on August 31. The discussion featured speeches by Yury Smagin, the head of the Mobility Department at Siemens, an Efim Rosenberg, first deputy CEO of JSC NIIAS. During the discussion the parties pointed out that wider use of digital technologies should lead to considerable economy of investments with infrastructural costs (up to 30%). They came to a conclusion that the strategies for development and implementation of digital solutions in railway transport in Russia and Europe are quite similar, especially in the field of cyberprotection.

On the second day of EXPO 1520 Stadler and Transport Concession Company presented to international experts tram car METELITSA with the specification В85600М developed for Saint-Petersburg. METELITSA is a passenger car for broad gage tram lines. A three-section tram with low floors and five folding doors on both sides makes the entry and exit of the passengers easier. Swivel trucks with 2-stage cushioning secure quiet and comfortable travel. The salon has two sites for strollers and wheelchairs. Modern tram cars are 33.45 meters long and may accommodate up to 376 passengers.

During its first day, the salon was visited by over 7,000 people. For the convenience of the visitors, the organizers arranged a free train transfer from Kursky Railway Station to Shcherbinka and back.

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