Russian Railways contest

Russian Railways announces a contest for best quality rolling stock and complex technical systems

JSC Russian Railways is holding its 7th annual contest for best quality rolling stock and complex technical systems aimed at improving compliance by the products used in railway networks with modern technical requirements, reducing product life-cycle operating costs and improving product reliability and quality.

The contest is held in three categories:

  • “Rolling stock” (locomotives, high-speed rolling stock, freight and passenger railway wagons, motorised railway wagons and special railway rolling stock);
  • “Rolling stock and infrastructure components” (components for locomotives and high-speed rolling stock, railway wagons, motorised railway wagons and special railway rolling stock, as well as elements of track, signalling and communications systems, automation and blocking systems, electrification and power supply);
  • “Diagnostic and control systems” (rolling stock and infrastructure diagnostic systems, control and safety systems).

Companies may enter their products in all three categories on the condition that a product entered in any one category may not be entered in any other category.
An expert commission will review the contest submissions.

A product’s capability to meet Russian Railways’ existing and future requirements will be the key project assessment criterion. Above all, evaluations by operating divisions according to the measures of reliability (number of failures while under warranty), maintainability and confirmation of product life-cycle cost performance indicators claimed by manufacturers will be taken into account.

Special attention will be paid to the quality of feedback from manufacturers to customers concerning prompt remedy of design or manufacturing flaws and taking corrective actions to prevent further quality-related safety or reliability incidents.

Manufacturers’ quality results will be assessed, including their quality policy and strategy and their compliance with Russian Railways’ policy on strategic management of product quality. One special criterion consists in manufacturers’ compliance with the ISO and IRIS international standard requirements. The degree of innovation of products entered in the contest will be assessed separately.

This year, the awards ceremony will take place as part of The Ninth International Conference “Railway Engineering: Partnership of 1520 and 1435 Rail-Gauge Manufacturers”

Applications to participate in the contest will be accepted until 1 August 2016

Technical Audit Centre – a division of JSC Russian Railways
107174, Moscow, Novaya Basmannaya Street, 2
phone: (499) 260-34-52, (499) 262-40-79, (499) 260-30-11

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