General Partner

JSC Russian Railways is one of the world’s largest rail corporations. It handles colossal volumes of passenger and freight traffic; it’s been awarded the highest financial rating plaudits; its staff are the most exceptionally-qualified experts in all spheres of rail transport; it can call upon an impressive range of scientific and technical resources; and alongside its extensive ongoing building and development plans, it has great experience in international cooperation.

The company’s mission lies in meeting market demands for transportation, increasing the efficiency of its operations, maintaining high-quality services and deep-level integration in Eurasian transport systems.

The company’s core objectives lie in catering to the State’s, businesses’ and individuals’ transportation needs; providing works and services conducted by rail; and ensuring that its operations are profitable. 

The company’s strategic goals are - 

  • expanding the scale of the transport business;
  • improving the company’s performance and financial efficiency;
  • raising service and security standards;
  • deep-level integration in Eurasian transport systems;
  • increasing the company’s financial results and economic performance.


Registration Sponsor

Assoсiation of Outsourcing Agents one of the most successful services involves the selection of companies for the rendering of outsourcing services in the transportation industry. These encompass services for subway systems, large and medium-sized motor transport enterprises, transport machine-building enterprises, various branches and subsidiaries of JSC Russian Railways. Partnership members arrange for outsourcing of the technical maintenance and repair of industrial equipment, electrical installations and automotive/specialized equipment. Services are rendered to the technical maintenance and repair of hydro, sewage and heating systems, the repair of factory buildings and locker rooms, and the washing and cleaning of rolling stock, the operation of industrial, commercial and residential properties, and the cleaning of industrial areas/sites and office/retail space. Services are also rendered with respect to preparing sites for the laying of highways, gas lines, power lines and railway tracks, as well as to the clearing and cleaning of rolling-stock right-of-way areas and storage yards, the training and ongoing professional development of the regular labor force. Services are arranged with respect to the provision of all manner of security services to industrial enterprises.



Locomotive Technologies LLC integrates the management of the group companies, which represent a variety of business directions within maintenance and repair of traction rolling stock, including leasing, consulting, production of spare parts, logistics, etc.

The perimeter of assets-under-management group includes TMH-Service LLC, JSCo Zheldorremmash, TMHS-Leasing LLC, Firm TMHS LLC, AVP-Technology LLC, LokoTech-Promservise LLC, etc.

Production facilities comprise 10 locomotive repair plants and 92 service depots in Russia.

Consolidated revenues of assets under management in 2015 for RSBU totaled 86 bln. RUR


CJSC Transmashholding is the biggest Russian company in the transport engineering industry, the world’s leader in railway engineering in actual volume of production. It manufactures diesel & electric locomotives and rail buses, passenger cars and freight wagons, metro cars, diesel engines for different purposes, car casting. TMH performs repair of electric multiple units, passenger cars and metro cars.