Official Statistics

More than 10,000 people visited the EXPO 1520 salon over the four days.

As part of the III International Rail Salon EXPO 1520, the IV International Conference “Transport Engineering: Prospects, Technologies and Priorities” was also held and attended by 891 delegates and 60 speakers over two days.

A total of 1,899 exhibitors were registered.

Russian Railways, Sinara Group and Siemens AG also signed bilateral documents during the EXPO 1520 Salon.

More than 250 media members attended the press conference.

    Approximately 350 news items were published in the run-up to and during the Salon, including:

    More than 800 people attended a meeting between Russian Railways Senior Vice President Valentin Gapanovich and representatives of theGathering of Young Russian Railways Specialists; a total of 1,345 students from more than ten universities attended the EXPO 1520 Salon on 9 September.

    52 units of full-scale equipment were on display at the EXPO 1520 static exhibit.

    16 units of full-scale operating equipment were on display at the EXPO 1520 dynamic exhibit. More than 3,000 people attended the dynamic exhibit.

    3,500 people visited the EXPO 1520 Salon during the Day of Open Roads on 10 September.