Олег Белозёров, ОАО «Российские железные дороги»

Oleg Belozerov, Russian Railways

I welcome the participants, guests and organizers of the Sixth International Fair of Railway Equipment and Technologies EXPO 1520.

It is with good reason that professional community regards this forum the most important business event of railway engineering.

Today, transport sector and related industries are undergoing significant technological changes. That is why the central focus of this Salon will be digital railway.

This is an integrated concept that links together IoT technologies, rolling stock, intelligent control systems and modern means of communication. Business agenda of EXPO-1520 will consider all these aspects in detail, involving industry experts both from “broad” and “narrow” gauge countries.

Since it has become a tradition, the exhibition will include demonstrations of the latest railway equipment by major rolling stock companies, both static and in motion, as part of a dynamic exposition.

I believe that the Salon will contribute to the development of progressive engineering and further strengthening of cooperation between research organizations, railway equipment manufacturers and operators.

I wish all participants fruitful work, interesting discussions and useful business contacts. I believe EXPO-1520 will inspire many new joint projects.

Best regards,

O.V. Belozerov
Russian Railways

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