The 6th International Fair of Railway Equipment and Technology EXPO 1520 took place from August 30 to September 2, 2017 at the Experimental Ring in Shcherbinka. The event attracted over 25 thousand visitors.
The 5th International Forum “Transport Science: Innovative Solutions for Business” took place on September 1, on the third day of operation of EXPO 1520 fair and was a major event of the day. The forum focused on testing railway equipment to secure its reliability and efficiency.
The second day of the 6th International Railway Salon EXPO 1520 had a tight agenda.
Unique on-track ballast cleaner at EXPO 1520
PTK Group will present the SCHOM-2000 on-track ballast cleaner, a unique Russian solution, outperforming all world analogues.
Unique 19th century retro train at EXPO 1520
The Ь series unique retro train can be seen for the first time in the EXPO 1520 Railway Fair’s show programme from August 30 to September 2.
Sinara Transport Machines JSC (STM)  will support the 6th International Fair of the Railway Equipment and Technologies with the status “Dynamic Exposition Sponsor”.
Sinara Transport Machines JSC (STM)  - is a Russian holding in the field of transport engineering.
This year, the International Fair of Railway Equipment and Technologies EXPO 1520 will move to a new level. The sixth Salon is expected to be even as large-scale and impressive as never before.
Industrial engineering PTK Group was established in 2010 through a merger of some specialized enterprises of the railway industry.
CJSC Transmashholding is the biggest Russian company in the transport engineering industry, the world’s leader in railway engineering in actual volume of production.
A dynamic demonstration of the International Fair of Railway Equipment and Technologies EXPO 1520 will for the first time present a dual-system (i.e. using both DC as AC) electric locomotive 2EV120 Knyaz Vladimir in motion.
On August 30 - September 2, within the framework of the Sixth International Rail Salon of Engineering and Technologies EXPO 1520, an exhibition area of 8000 sq. m will host five covered pavilions and 150 full-scale specimens of advanced rolling stock and infrastructure.
From 30 August through 2 September 2017, celebrations of the 180th anniversary of Russia’s railways will be held within the scope of the 6th International Fair of Railway Equipment and Technologies EXPO 1520.