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5 facts that will best describe the scale and importance of the railway business exhibition in the wide-gauge area.

EXPO 1520:

  • Area of 10 football fields and not less than 25,000 visitors;
  • 5 covered pavilions and the exhibition space of 8,000 sq. m.;
  • 150 real (or, in railway terms, full-scale) specimens of rolling stock and infrastructure elements;
  • Fascinating dynamic show and theatrical performance;
  • Individual outdoor installations and huge screens.

We have done our best to diversify the traditional course of events at the exhibition and make your visit to EXPO 1520 comfortable and unusual as well. If you find it necessary to take a break from viewing the exposition and want a change of scenery, we offer you the following activities:

  • Health. Table tennis, yoga lessons, dance master class.
  • Self-development. Corners for reading interesting books and quests.
  • Shopping. Fair with collectibles, antiquities and handmade products.
  • Environment. Wicker furniture and electric cars.

All these events and activities are held outdoors, right in the open air!

We know that EXPO 1520 is one of the Europe’s largest railway exhibitions and the record holder (listed in the Guinness World Records) for the largest collection of railway equipment items on display. But we won't tell you about it.

We just want you and your business to feel the real benefit from attending EXPO 1520.

We will be glad to communicate with you and together outline the perfect scheme of your visit to the exhibition – scope and venue of the exhibition, participation at the exhibition program and delivering a speech, time for business negotiations and a lot more.

Come, take part and win!