for Participants

Registration fee

Participation Fee

for every exhibitor 590
for every sub-exhibitor 590

Includes: company listing and description in the Exhibition Catalogue and on the website, one ticket to the Evening Reception, Certificate of Participation, one invitation to the Opening Ceremony

Exibition area

Free Design Stands (min. 18 m2) 270 per m2

Includes: space, general clean up, general guarding. Please note; stand requires official approval by Business Dialog Ltd Technical department no later than April 20 July 2017

Shell Scheme Stands (min. 9 m2) 335 per m2

Includes: space, back and side walls, 1 table and 2 chairs, 1 paper basket, 1 coat rack hanging, carpet, company name on fascia panel, general clean up, general guarding, power supply, 2 spot lights, 1 plug socket

Outside standard gauge railway siding 220 running m
Space for Outdoor Pavilion (min. 40 m2) 260 per m2
Outside Exhibits (min. 18 m2) 260 per m2

Surcharge for booth type

Inline (min.9 m2)
Open one side
0  %
Corner (min.18 m2)
Open two sides
10  %
Peninsula (min.36 m2)
Open three sides
15  %
Island (min.80 m2)
Open four sides
20  %
Two-storey stand
(Additional Surcharge for Placing the Stand)
50  %

Participation Fee

«Participant» 1 000
  • Participation in the Conference sessions (synchronous translation is provided)
  • Lunches, coffee-breaks
  • Evening reception
  • The Conference set of documents
«VIP» 1 350
  • VIP badges (badges are issued in advance; they give you access to the Salon's VIP zone, with food and drink included (lunch and coffee/tea breaks);
  • Reserved seating in the plenary hall (on the condition that the VIP participant arrives at the plenary hall 10 minutes before the start of the plenary session);
  • A parking pass that lasts for the duration of the Salon (issued along with the VIP badge);
  • A delegate portfolio / package of Conference documents;
  • Access to all the events in the business program for the duration of the Salon, including access to the Salon itself (with the exception of formats that require a special invitation);
  • Access to the VIP zone at the evening reception;
  • One invitation to the Opening Ceremony.