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General Builder


General builder: The «CAPITEL S» company

  • Professionally works in exhibition industry since 1996;
  • Cherishes and is proud of qualified personnel;
  • Has a large fleet of modern equipment.

The gained experience allows to offer to the exhibitors:

  • Individual approach to each customer;
  • Modern, bright design ideas of the exhibitions stands;
  • Ergonomic and functional planning solutions;
  • High professional level at each stage of project preparation ;
  • Flexible approach to technology development and implementations of stands.

Constructions of standard stands
Alexander Martyshkin
Tel: +7 499 181 43 90
Tel cell: +7 965 437 41 95

Constructions of exclusive stands
Tel: +7 499 181 43 90
Elena Gromoglasova e-mail:
Ekaterina Pavlovskaya e-mail:
Ksenia Povazhnaya e-mail:
Constantine Schipkov e-mail:
Alexander Martyshkin e-mail:

Natalia Malygina
Tel: +7 499 181 43 90
Tel cell: +7 910 490 51 36


Official Forwarders

  • Transportation in to\-out exhibiton
  • Customs clearance temporary/permanent importation
  • Scheduling of move-in/out entry to loading area 
  • Handling of shipment on-site (empty, forklifts, slinger, packing/re-packing)
  • Issuing at customs clearance of Carnet ATA
  • Transit real road transportation East-West ,South-West,etc,including temporary importation

Tel. +7 (495) 223-40-28
Fax +7 (495) 223-40-29
e-mail :

Mr.Bormatov Vladimir
General Manager
Mob. + 7 (985) 763-93-62

Mr.Popov Anton
Head of logistics dep.
Mob. +7 (903) 228-94-76

Mr.Borisov Nikita
Head of transport dep.
Mob.  +7 (915) 233-86-71


  • on-site-handling at the fairground,
  • customs clearance procedure and
  • transport to/from venue.

Mr.Miguel Klatt

Tel.:   +49-40-303332830
Fax:   +49-40-30333442830


Official Сatering Partner


4SEASONS CATERING company is the official exhibition partner for your catering business.

  • 4SEASONS CATERING operates in the catering market since 2006 and enjoys a high reputation among corporate clients. Our catering provides wide range of catering services for various events: organization of corporate events, working at exhibitions and conferences, presentations, test drives, etc.
  • The company has production and administrative capacities for maintenance activities more than 2000 guests daily.
  • Rich experience in organizing events of any complexity, as well as organizing events in the regions.
  • Experience with public campaigns.

4SEASONS CATERING offers exhibitors the following services:

  • Banquets, receptions, coffee breaks
  • Conference packages
  • Food delivery in lunch boxes on stands
  • Organization of the restaurant area
  • The organization of coffee breaks

For preparation of the menu and order catering please contact:
Titov Ilya
+7 (495) 532-46-72
+7 (926) 332-57-54
115432, Moscow, 2nd Yuzhnoportovy PR-d, d. 10, p. 11