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EXPO 1520 Moves to a New Level

This year, the International Fair of Railway Equipment and Technologies EXPO 1520 will move to a new level. The sixth Salon is expected to be even as large-scale and impressive as never before.

The exhibition area will reach 8,000 sq.m, while the number of full-scale rolling stock and infrastructure facilities exponents will be 150, which is by 41 more than in 2015. This year, there will be 53 debutantes. Azerbaijan will participate EXPO 1520 for the first time.

One of new thematic sections is Digital Railroad that will be represented in Pavilion 2. The opening ceremony of the Salon will be held on August 30 in the Demonstration and Training Exhibition Center (DTEC).

The scenario of a spectacular dynamic exposition on a railroad tracks will be unique. It will demonstrate both modern and retro railroad equipment. It will be the first time when the demonstration will involve a reconstructed “Ь” series locomotive manufactured back in 1897. In addition, everyone wishing to take a ride by a new electric train Moskva put into service by the Moscow Metro, will have the opportunity twice a day. New trains have a pass-through and wider doorways, as well as a new light warning system for doors opening and closing. All cars are equipped with USB sockets for gadget charging, an updated alerting service, interactive maps and touch-screen monitors.

Besides the extensive exposition, the participants and specialists will have opportunity to enjoy a rich business programme. Twelve formats will be held within the framework of the 10th Anniversary International Conference Railway Engineering. Prospects, Technologies, Priorities that will discuss such issues as the implementation of digital technology into the railway system, innovative product development, efficient use of resources and environmental security.

The final day of the fair will be Open Railways Day with outdoor sports activities for children and adults, dance master classes, quests and book reading places. There will also be a fair in Pavilion 4 representing collectibles, antiques and handicrafts.

The fair is expected to be attended by over 25,000 people, including 2,000 specialists that participating in the business programme.

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The 6th International Fair of the Railway Equipment and Technologies will be held at the VNIIZhT Experimental Ring in Sherbinka, Moscow, on 30 August - 2 September 2017.

EXPO 1520 is Europe’s unique and only fair of railway equipment and technology for the “wide” gauge space. The exhibition showcases the latest rolling stock, railway machinery, components and equipment manufactured in Russia, the CIS and the EU. The 2013 exhibition made it into the Guinness Book of Records in terms of the number of real-life railway equipment exhibits (127) put on display in Eastern Europe.

The fair’s highlight is a dynamic demonstration of the full range of operating characteristics of Russian and foreign-made locomotives and rolling stock. The venue is outfitted with special grandstands for convenient viewing of equipment in motion.

The fair’s audience consists of executives and specialists of Russian and international manufacturers and operators of railway equipment from both “narrow” and “wide” gauge countries.

General Partner: Russian Railways  
Organiser: Business Dialogue