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Unique on-track ballast cleaner at EXPO 1520

From August 30 to September 2, within the framework of the Sixth International Railway Fair EXPO 1520, PTK Group will present the SCHOM-2000 on-track ballast cleaner, a unique Russian solution, outperforming all world analogues.

Creation of SCHOM-2000 is the product of 4 years of work by the designers, engineers and employees of PTK Group.

SCHOM-2000 is included in the PTK Group’s universal travel complex as a highly mechanized machine for cleaning the railway track ballast of impurities.

One of its unique features is multifunctionality, i.e. it can be used both as a unified maximum capacity complex, and each section can be used individually to solve local goals.

“Benefits from the introduction of the new technologies on the basis of a universal complex for the ballast section, including SCHOM-2000, is 34% greater than traditional technologies, – says Svyatoslav Afanasyev, PTK Group’s Development Director. – Therefore, its operation will allow the infrastructure owner to significantly reduce both tracks repair costs, as well as their routine maintenance costs.”

August 31 at 11:00, in Pavilion 2 at the BO6/2 exhibition stand, Svyatoslav Afanasyev will make a presentation on innovative Russia’s tracks repair technologies developed by PTK Group.

PTK Group is a multifaceted industrial and engineering holding company specializing in railway equipment manufacturing, repair and maintenance, and operations on transport infrastructure facilities.

Unique on-track ballast cleaner at EXPO 1520

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The 6th International Fair of the Railway Equipment and Technologies will be held at the VNIIZhT Experimental Ring in Sherbinka, Moscow, on 30 August - 2 September 2017.

EXPO 1520 is Europe’s unique and only fair of railway equipment and technology for the “wide” gauge space. The exhibition showcases the latest rolling stock, railway machinery, components and equipment manufactured in Russia, the CIS and the EU. The 2013 exhibition made it into the Guinness Book of Records in terms of the number of real-life railway equipment exhibits (127) put on display in Eastern Europe.

The fair’s highlight is a dynamic demonstration of the full range of operating characteristics of Russian and foreign-made locomotives and rolling stock. The venue is outfitted with special grandstands for convenient viewing of equipment in motion.

The fair’s audience consists of executives and specialists of Russian and international manufacturers and operators of railway equipment from both “narrow” and “wide” gauge countries.

General Partner: Russian Railways  
Organiser: Business Dialogue